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Nigeria Life..

        Hi,dear to all my friends in Malaysia,UK and China…How are you all ?  ….i was miss u all so much …for me i was arrived at Nigeria been a week. for my imagination Nigeria is like a village. The people in Nigeria was very low class. One word KAMPUNG STYLE. I stayed at Ibadan about 2hours driving from Lagos City. My life here was very …wake up early morning 7am started to cleaning house and cooked a breakfast for myself and my darling before go downstair for work. What i’am doing here is just watched all the staff and teaching them for a new recipe of pastry,cakes and breads. And all so, control for the quality of baking. After that, check the sales for everyday. in the afternoon went to buy some veg for dinner. Ah…talking about food at Nigeria … is too bad..here doesnt have any fresh foods.  today till here….haha i tell u on my next blog with some photo too bye bye God bless and take care ,miss u…
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My destiny…

        Today i has done my tattoo…with a pain inside my heart…….Every person who has a tattoo it must have a background story in they life, and it was a secret of heart will follow till they die…….every person have they own destiny. Our destiny is in our own hands….some have been known to say. Just, realization of destiny experienced, evidence of destiny done….
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Tired…but happy

       In this couple day, i went to joging at Botanical Garden every 5pm.It was nice felt that all my body get an energy….:) it was tired.
          Soon, i ready to go Nigeria to be with my lover.And i am happy again that i get back to work, Been so lazy for ayear, hope i can manage my job. I dont have anything to worry about, just try to do the best in my life.
              Tomorrow is Tita birthday.Tonite i has made a birthday kiwi cake for her, hope she will like it.
       Now outside was raining, listen to the roman’s music. Missing and missing,Been 4 days we not see each other.Dont know what to do…..will he miss me too? .
          Special SOMEONE see heart to heart. Even when they dont see eye to eye. You are indeed special to me bacause i always see you in my heart….
I miss you,honey
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Marco & Angel…

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                  Raining day, stayed home lay on my bed sleeping for a day. Waiting for the time pass….hope to see you soon. Nothing to do, look at my desktop slide with our memories with the roman’s love song. Missing you just for a day i cant stand for it that because I love u ………
Everlasting Love….

If all love was like this then the world would be a far better place to live in.

He told her he loved her
He gave her his heart
That they’d always be together
And they would never ever part.

Their life was full of laughter
With lots of kisses and loving too
She knew no one else could give her
A love so strong and true .

But the years go by quickly
And the body ages fast
And soon those hearts beat slower
And one just could not last.

Now she sits silently waiting
Until she joins him above
Where they’ll always be together
With their everlasting love.

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A day getting better…

    In this fews i was wake-up early morning 5:30am. Turned on my webcam all night long till in the morning. While in the every morning i open my eye’s i wake, i saw is my love one….. i am miss him so much.
    Today morning i went o town to get my eye’s test and went to my friend shop for chating just for awhile. Then i went home again, my mobile was rang B mum’s is called me to talk about dad stituation in Hong KOng and he was getting better .Praise to God !! …..that dad is getting well soon.   
    I was happy ……and love to be B soon and family’s . B, wait for me to come with u ………..My love will never change for u !! 
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   The second day at home….weather is hot outside it make me sick today. I went to see Doc,said my lips is effected by the virus need a week for getting well. OHHH !!! my lips is so sore. is bad luck for me.
   Between this two day’s i was happy cause i was spend all my time’s on the internet, chating with my B…. My love’s is slowly coming back into my heart.
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HappY 2 ThinK aboUt Myself…

Today is my last day to stay in China …….2moro i’m going back home and this is my last day to write my sadness blog to left my story behind. I will forget it all about my sadness and start my new life. Inside my heart only have my lonely story with a happiness….Hello to all my dear friends wait for me to come back
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